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Colonial Airport Parking Scores 95% on Service Delivery

Colonial Airport Parking (CAP) received a 95% rating on key service delivery metrics from Servimer, an international service evaluation provider. Servimer tests CAP’s key service delivery metrics; such as shuttle pick-up times, driver and cashier customer service, shuttle and parking facility cleanliness and overall customer experience. In total, there are 46 service metrics customized to CAP’s service goals that are tested by Servimer several times each month. CAP is pleased to report that in 2018, they scored an overall 95% on their service delivery goals for the year.

“I find the reports from Servimer invaluable in the management of our business.”, says John Groden, Vice President of CAP. “These reports provide me the data to measure the level of service that we are delivering to our customers every day. Most of our customer interaction occurs offsite between the customers and our drivers out of sight of our management team. Servimer’s surveys give us measurable data on our true customer’s experience.”

Colonial has seen their scores improve over the years with which Servimer has conducted the surveys. Servimer has designed the surveys to test CAP’s customer experience goals, which have evolved to meet their customer’s needs. CAP also uses the survey results to manage and coach their service delivery team of shuttle drivers, valet attendants and cashiers to continuously strive for customer satisfaction improvement. “The surveys are an excellent tool for us to make sure we are delivering the service we promise our customers as well as reward our service delivery team for meeting these goals.” Groden said. Colonial is planning to raise that score even higher in 2019.

About Colonial Airport Parking:
Established in 1988, Colonial Airport Parking (CAP) is a privately owned, near airport parking management service serving the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Located just 2 miles from PHL in Lester, PA, CAP’s facility offers 1,500-spaces with both self-park and valet parking services, car care services and shuttle between their facility and PHL. CAP is an affiliate of Colonial Parking, Inc., a private, regional parking management firm headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware and managing facilities in Wilmington, Delaware and Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania established in 1956. Focused on a high level of customer service, Colonial manages over 10,000 parking spaces in over 40 facilities ranging in size from 20 to 1,500 spaces, serving more than 14,000 customers daily and employing over 150 associates. Family owned and managed, Colonial prides themselves on being large enough to use the latest technology, but small enough to offer individual attention to each location they manage.

About Servimer
Started in 2006, Servimer (formerly AMA Enterprises) was the brainchild of Artem Alabin, who began his work life on the frontline of parking facilities. After advancing to management, Mr. Alabin realized the need for better data including observations of shoppers who could spot evidence of equipment tampering, ticket forgery, cash skimming, and in-car theft rather than just describing good manners, clean uniform, and tidy facilities. Realizing that he wasn’t alone regarding this need and that every parking manager out there needed the same things, he took matters into his own hands, and Servimer was born. Servimer now conducts over 15,000 surveys annually across all the states, Puerto Rico, and one Canadian province. Parking facilities are still the staple of Servimer, but surveys are also being conducted in dining, hotel, and retail industries. Servimer also expanded its services to Operational Audits, Training, installation of security cameras, and instructional videos for valet operations. Servimer is unique in the industry because it combines loss prevention strategies with customer service mystery surveys, which provides customers a much deeper understanding of their operations.