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PHL Airport Parking Reviews

What Our Customers Say About Us

Every customer is treated like a VIP at Colonial. We encourage all customers to write a review of their Colonial Airport Parking experience. Read what our customers say about parking at the Philadelphia Airport with us, and Submit your own review rating our 5-Star Service.

I just called to ask the name of the young man who transferred us to the airport recently. His service was so fantastic—from his smiling “hello, how are you” as he approached the car quickly, immediately took charge of all of our luggage, politely asked if we have locked our car, was quick to jump to unload all of our baggage with a smile and energy, and wished us a great day. Honestly one of the best airport transfer experiences I’ve had in a long while—so good that I just had to let you know. – Sharon Z.

We had an EXCELLENT experience with Colonial Airport Parking in Philadelphia this past weekend. We flew from warm Punta Cana back home to snow. Our shuttle driver met us right away at our terminal, after we used the online app. When he took us back to the parking area, we were shocked by the amount of snow on our car. The shuttle driver told us to wait in the warm shuttle while he went out in the falling snow and swept the snow off of our car. That was WAY beyond the service I would ever expect from a parking service. We were pleasantly surprised at this level of service. Kudos to you, Colonial Parking. You have a customer for life because of the extra kindness of one of your shuttle drivers. – Mike T.

It’s the little things that make a difference. I was flying out of the Philadelphia International Airport to Atlanta for what was expected to be a stressful trip. In haste to get to the airport, when I saw the shuttle bus, I quickly jumped out of my car leaving the engine running and the keys in the car. (Once at the airport, upon realizing what happened) I called for a pick-up to return to the lot with limited amount of time left to catch my flight. The driver quickly accessed my situation and offered to go get my keys and turn off the car. I was able to remain calm and catch my flight in peace—making my trip a little less stressful.
Your staff is doing a great job and I look forward to sharing the company’s information with friends and family members. – Clarence S.

We wouldn’t go anywhere else. The parking lot is big with plenty of parking and well lit up. The driver who brings you by shuttle is very nice. We haven’t had any bad experience since we’ve used Colonial Airport Parking since 2013. By the way, we need to make our reservation for October lol See you soon and safe traveling!! – Rett & Tony

Thanks so much! You don’t find customer service like this much more these days! – Katie M.

Thank you for your help! I have used your lot before and was more than satisfied with your service. This is the first time I needed customer service and it has been just as efficient! All of my inquiries and issues have been dealt with in a timely and effective manner. – Lynn U.

I really appreciate the effort on your part to locate my car and contact me about my keys. I didn’t even realize that I had lost them. Your persistence and customer service is beyond expectations. – Dave W.

I have wanted to thank you since our return flight from England. We had parked at Colonial in the middle of a big snowstorm. My husband and I both got the flu on the plane on the way home. We were so worried our car would have been buried in snow by a plow. But, when we got there, the car was free of all snow. The woman who checked us in at the booth was so very kind and cheery and thoughtful! We were so tired and sick, and we appreciated her attitude so very much. It really helped us on a day when we felt truly miserable. When we got to the car, our battery had died, and you had the battery jumped in a manner of seconds. We are telling everyone to park at Colonial Parking, and we certainly will again. Thank you! – Donna D.

We have been loyal customers of Colonial Parking (in Lester) for 13+ years — I cannot say enough about how friendly, helpful, …. the staff is there!! The reason we keep coming back. – Bridget and Jim T.

My wife & I rode the shuttle to the airport and I lost my keys while on the bus. Our shuttle driver found the keys after we had departed and remembered which car was ours. When we returned, I knew to check the cashier’s booth to retrieve my lost keys because of the note that you left on my car. I want to send a hearty thank you for your kindness and concern on our behalf. We would have really been stuck on a late and freezing night without you. – Eric G.

The great service I have received from Colonial Airport Parking has really impressed me. I’m definitely going to be coming back! The bus driver helped me clean off the heavy snow and ice from my car. I can’t imagine a better place to have parked! – David

I had a rear window fail and it would not go back up and it was raining quite heavily. When I returned from my trip I found the SUV dry and the window completely sealed up with plastic. You don’t get that kind of service in economy parking! My thanks you to your excellent team. – Phil I.

Thank you very much for your very professional staff. It’s such a pleasure to see your shuttle after a long trip! – Bill A.

We want to compliment you on your excellent service. Your employees were very helpful and the wait for the shuttle was very short. See you next time we fly! – John & Joetta B.

Your employees really care and it shows in your customer service. I recommend Colonial to all of my friends and colleagues. – Debra G.

Thank you for the wonderful service that I received this morning. Your employee was excellent from start to finish…fast, courteous and personable. It was by far the best service that I have ever received. – Matt B.

Love your rates and the upgraded facility! Thank you. – Nancy M.

From drivers to cashiers, I have found everyone on your staff to be pleasant, friendly and helpful. I have parked my car at Colonial for nearly 20 years. Colonial exemplifies customer service at its best!– Caren M.

One of your stellar employees noticed I had left the windows down in my car during the rain and took the time to put plastic bags over my windows. It saved my car! I cannot thank you enough. I know that when I park my car with Colonial it will be well taken care of. – Zach Z.

I hate air travel; however your service makes air travel more palatable. Keep up your good work! – Charley H.

I felt that my vehicle was safe and secure with you. I recommend Colonial to my friends and family. – Priscilla R.

I feel safe at Colonial and your drivers are always so pleasant. Thanks again. – Denise P.

Outstanding service!  I’ve been using Colonial for years and have noticed they are always trying to get better.  Once by mistake, I left a rear window open and a couple of Colonial drivers took it upon themselves to tape plastic sheeting over the open window to keep the rain out of my brand new car.  That is taking care of the customer and building loyalty. – Paul D.

Your drivers that spoke to me in your parking lot, and drove me to PHL, were respectful and offered assistance. The bus was comfortable and driver drove safely. Very positive first experience. Thinking about not using Economy Parking anymore. – John W.

There is always a friendly face and greeting whether it be the drivers or the cashiers. It has the true feeling of a business where the employees care. Service is extremely prompt. I always use Colonial when I’m flying out of PHL. – Amy H.

I have been a satisfied customer of Colonial Airport parking for many years. I find their employees very helpful at checkin and checkout and their drivers are friendly, informative and truly appear to like their jobs. I will not use any other parking service other than Colonial when I travel to and from the Philadelphia airport!! – Ed W.

Our experience was fantastic! The shuttle was at the curb to get us just a few moments after we called. The driver was so helpful. And our exit with compensated parking went very smoothly and such a nice perk after spending WAY too much this past week in Disney. Big thanks to your company for such a wonderful experience! – Kim T.

We want to let management know of the top notch service we received. We were returning from an international flight and called Colonial for a pickup and the driver was there very quickly. He assisted us with our luggage too. It was cold in the Philly area that evening and we were in shorts and t-shirts from our trip. When we arrived at your facility our minivan was already started and warmed up! I don’t recall the names of the driver or valet working that evening (I would venture to say we arrived at the airport approximately 6:30 PM) but PLEASE let them know they went above and beyond! I told both employees they were “on the ball”!!! – Paul & Lori W.

The shuttle driver pulled up behind our car as we parked. Loaded our bags handed us a card with our parked location noted and off to the terminal. Upon returning 1 1/2 weeks later we were picked up within minutes and welcomed home with a smile. The shuttle took us directly to our car, not a waiting booth. My wife commented “that’s about as easy breezy as it gets!” Great Job ! Will use your service again the next time we travel. – Dave M.

Just a follow up note of thanks.  We got in late on Monday and the driver was swamped with 17 people wanting a ride at the various terminals.  He was courteous, and accommodating to everyone.  When we got to the lot we found the area well plowed, and our car clear and ready to roll out.  What a pleasant surprise.  As a long term customer, I just wanted to pass along my gratitude and appreciation for the service you offer. – Art L.

I used Colonial Airport Parking for the first time this past May.  I just wanted to let you know that the staff were very helpful and friendly.  I do not travel by air a lot, but if I do I will use your services again.  Thank you for a great experience! – Andrea F..

I just parked at Colonial and decided to try the Valet service this time because I was overdue for an oil change. Apparently I was also overdue to renew my registration (which was expired). Colonial noticed it was expired and contacted me to let me know and took care of the PA inspection while I was away. This saved me a lot of time and potentially a ticket. I always have a good experience parking here. Thanks for looking out for me and my vehicle! – Holly W.

Service at pickup was just great. Car had been detailed and kept inside the garage. Well done! – Doug G.

I’ve been using Colonial Parking for 10 years +.  I use them for business and leisure – travel with my family.  Convenient, reliable, courteous.  Don’t hesitate to use them.  And very reasonablly priced.  Valet service and self park – both great – Ralph M.

I have been parking at Colonial for many years.  I LOVE the valet parking.  Just leaving your car and hopping on shuttle, help with your luggage, coming back to a warmed up car in cold weather – cleared of snow, under a carport so you don’t get wet in the rain – honestly, why wouldn’t you do this? The shuttle drivers are almost always helpful and pleasant.  One gentleman even has a cooler filled with bottled water for you when the weather is hot.  They remind you to check for you glasses, cell phone, etc., too so you don’t get to the airport and find you’ve left them in your car. Quick pickup and drop off at the airport.  Great price.  I am in the rewards program and use them every time I go on vacation.I have used other lots and would not switch from Colonial for any reason. – Charlotte K.

I travel often and I have been a customer of Colonial Airport Parking for the past 4 years.  I cannot think of a con for using Colonial.  The pros include:  convenient to park, safe (especially meaningful to a female traveler who often arrives at night), modest cost per day, great customer loyalty program, friendly and helpful drivers, quick access to and from the airport, no long lines to exit the lot and easy to use with a family.  Valet is a great option. – Marie H.

I have been using Colonial Airport Parking since 1989. Over the years I would occasionally try a competitor to see if the service was better and I always have come back to Colonial. Now with their loyalty and valet programs I can maximize my time while traveling on business and get the reward of reduced parking fees when I travel for pleasure. This is a great place to park: safe, reliable, and easy to get to. I highly recommend it! – Marianne R.

I was originally required to use Colonial Parking by my former employer, but 7+ years after I left that company I am still using Colonial because they have done so much to keep my business.  Service levels have continued to improve–you can now make parking reservations online and get “frequent parker” credit for free stays via their loyalty card.  Their drivers arrive promptly and they are always polite, as are the valet attendants.  No aggressive trolling for tips, which is great.  The minimal upcharge for valet parking is well worth the price, in my opinion, but using self-park is also very convenient.  I travel from PHL at least once a month, and I never think about using any other parking lots. – Julie P.

I had tried the PHL Economy Lot but tired of that quickly with long waits, full buses and generally unhappy experiences.  Parking at Colonial, I can pull in (I use self-park) get a space and almost before I have my bags out, a shuttle driver is there to pick me up.  the pick-up process is fantastic.  If I get in at the E or F terminals, I don’t fret about whether or not the bus is full or if they’ll even stop.  A simple call to the Colonial office and a van is there quickly to pick me up.  The drivers are ALWAYS courteous and helpful; t’s always been a pleasant experience. – Gary R.

The addition of the valet parking at a minmimal additional cost per day has been fanstatic. I have had my vehicle detailed while I have been away and the ability of being the first ones dropped off on the return trip make this the best facility along Industrial Highway. – Ted W.

We have parked here for several years. The one time my battery was dead when I got back they jump-started me at no cost. – Enno K.

I travel frequently for work and Colonial Airport Parking makes it easy! I use the valet service so it is literally 2 -3 minutes from the time I pull into Colonial that I am checked in, greeted by friendly staff and my bag is taken out of my car and placed on the shuttle. When I return from a trip it is as easy as calling Colonial and telling them that I have arrived and within a few minutes the shuttle is picking me up and taking me back to my vehicle. My vehicle is always ready and waiting for me and again the friendly staff is transfering my bag from the shuttle to my car. I have used Colonial’s extra services of an oil change and car wash and what a nice feature that is to have that taken care of while I am traveling! – Sally R.

Colonial is the best combintion of found in terms of reservations – easy and complete on the web; access in the area of the airport – close by but out of the frequent traffic snarls around the airport; arrival, assistance with baggage, frequent departures, and care of the car. Coming back, pick up service is reasonably quick, car is already ready, loading assistance is offered every time and checkout/payment is quick and simple. Can do so even without going through the payment booth an using credit card scanning. I woudn’t use another parking service. – David S.

I am a frequent Flyer from Philadelphia . I fly approx 35 flights a year and time for me is so valuable. I have used multiple Parking lots and shuttle services in the Philly airport area and have now just one Company I use (Colonial) they get it they do it right and quick and inexpensively. There are choices with colonial, Self-park or Valet. I choose Valet every time for multiple reasons : The price -approx $1 more than self-park per day , the convenience of just getting out of your car at the entrance of the lot and onto a warm or cool depending on the time of year , waiting shuttle. Drop off at your terminal in minutes. On the return you grab your luggage, call Colonial and give them your Valet # and your car is running and waiting for you as the shuttle drops you off. I use their rewards program and with that comes many convenient options, you can exit through the fast lane or pay at the booth, and every day your parked you are accumulating rewards points towards free future parking, which i take advantage of every year when taking my family on vacation. I also take advantage of the car wash services, which after bad weather all week while parked is such a nice treat. I highly recommend if you haven’t tried this lot to give it a shot – there service will sell itself to you over and over. – Chris E.

First time using this service….Great service, good stereo on the bus, even had the eagles game on… dropped car off and right to the airport. Picked up bags and they were there within 10 minutes. had a dead battery and they had a battery tool to help jump the car, had the discount coupon work as advertised. So the 3 employees I interacted with were very courteous. Great service. Thank you!! – Thomas M.

GREAT spot! Close to the airport, points program, just GREAT! – Kevin S.

Colonial Airport Parking is my go-to when it comes to airport parking. Always quick and easy. The rewards program is an added bonus where it pays to be a repeat customer. Valet parking is also a nice option and very convenient to have your car waiting for you when your shuttles enters the lot after pickup from the airport. Dan K.

I always park here. Fast in and out, and I always get to the airport on time. – James A.

With the many options to park around PHL airport, and lots of traveling – I’ve found Colonial to be the best option. It’s much more convenient than trying to navigate PHL’s parking garages and economy lot. I always park valet, which is just cents more than self-park. Rewards points are great for free parking and car washes! I’ve used Colonial’s carwash services and my very dirty car was sparkling inside and out. Shuttle drivers are always friendly, and I’ve never had to wait for a shuttle for more than 15 minutes after I’ve called for pick up. Their customer service proved to go “above & beyond” when I lost my wallet while traveling recently. They made the experience of a lost valet ticket (and much anxiety!) much less painful and were helpful and understanding in the process. – Tara M.

I have been using Colonial Parking for several years. There is nothing like coming home during a snow storm and having your warm, cleared car waiting for you. The staff are always courteous and attentive. – Pat H.

I’ve been using Colonial Airport Parking for 10 years. It is excellent. The drivers are always courteous and friendly. The trip from the parking lot to the airport is less than 10 minutes. It’s especially easy if you use the colonial Card. With it you automatically get the discounted rate, you don’t need to keep track of a printed card because you use it when you leave so no need to worry about where you put the printed card like you get in most lots. Also if you use the lot continually you build up points that allow you to get free parking. It’s a good place. You get good service. It’s a quick ride. They have Valet Service if you prefer. The shuttle service is great…they pick you up at your car…they drop you off at your car. They assist with baggage if you need help. I’ve used almost every parking facility near and around the Philadelphia Airport. I travel sometimes twice a month so I’m a frequent flyer and I always use Colonial. – Rosemary V.

During my shuttle ride to the airport, I was unaware that my car keys had fallen out of my luggage. When I realized they were not in my possession as I was going through security, I contacted your personnel. The woman who took my call said she’d check with the driver and get back to me. Less than 2 minutes later, she called back to let me know that my driver, had recovered my keys and that I could collect them when I returned. She was courteous, considerate and efficient.

Upon my return my driver, took the immediate initiative to contact personnel at the Lester site while we were en route back to the lot so I could know how to proceed. My experiences simply reinforce the wisdom of my choosing Colonial Airport parking for my travel needs, and my experience ensures continued use of this facility for any future trips out of Philadelphia airport. Congratulations on finding such exceptional people to serve your customers. A job well done to all. – Dana S.

A big Thank You to the Colonial Parking team for helping us last night when we returned to our car and found the battery was dead. We got assistance within minutes and we’re headed home quickly!! This was a great reminder of why we use Colonial every time we fly out of the Philly airport!! – Linda and Ron R